• Monitoring

  Under our Monitoring agreements, we provide state-of-the-art remote monitoring services to ensure optimized protection at all times.
  We offer a wide range of 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring Services alternatives including digital monitoring services, AlarmNet and AES mesh radio monitoring, video monitoring and IP-based online monitoring.

  Central Monitoring may include Fire, Security and/or many types of other monitoring services to fit your needs.
   Since 1999, we have expanded our expertise to include virtually all types alarm systems and services needed by business, industrial, healthcare, government and residential customers.

• Runner/Maintenance Agreements

  Pursuant to UL Certificate Service and Local Ordinance(s), Fire Alarms are required to have and maintain an Annual Runner/Maintenance service agreement with a licensed State of Florida ECLB Fire Alarm Contractor.

  United Fire Communications can provide your compliance to these requirements as well as UL Certificate service if required.


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